One thought on “The Catholic Conversation: 3/3/15 – Prison Ministry

  • March 11, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    Oh, my, what a glorious, wonderful fifty minutes. I was one of Kevin’s teachers and coaches when Kevin was in high school, and while Kevin was a good kid and a superb athlete, he also was a bit of a hot dog and a loose cannon, and you never quite knew what’s was coming next. Prima donna was a term used more than a few times in reference to Kevin, yet he was extremely well-liked by his fellow steachers teachers and teammates, because he was personable and funny and kind and and just a little bit crazy. And that was the Kevin I knew when I left to pursue other career opportunities, and Kevin and I never crossed paths again until the passing of the man who was the head football coach for a while when Kevin played, at which time I found Kevin’s number and called him, and learned of this path his life had taken, and I could not have been more surprised or proud. Then to hear him on your show carry himself so well, and to so clearly and obviously be full of scripture and the love of Jesus in carrying out the work he has chosen/been assigned was such a treat. I am so proud of this man that I used to call my student. It is clear that today I could be his student in many areas. Thank you for having him on your show; I suspect your listeners would love to hear more from Kevin about the prison ministries, and I would bet that more than a few who heard him on this broadcast became interested in serving in that way. God bless you all!

    Bill Floor


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